Taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth, overcoming barriers, deserts, jungles, mountains, it all started in earnest after World War II
MASA - FL wants to communicate how God is using aviation to reach these remote mission fields to further the work of the kingdom
Provisions are met by local churches in support of the engagement of mission aviators and the aviation public
This is where you come in. You decide how to help by reading the posts on this site and determining the level of support you can give
Missions and mission support won't happen without the people that are passionate about bringing Worship to the Lord through the outreach of missions. MASA FL being a support mechanism to the Mission Aviation effort requires the help of those willing to "Get Involved". MASA FL has differeing ways to get involved based on three main
criteria - PRAY, SERVE, & DONATE. Under these three high level criteria are many opportunities to add your efforts to those of many others, all pulling together to support those who ultimately travel into the mission field. As they do their part under God's purpose we do ours and with your help it all brings Glory to Our Lord!
Everyone needs to eat and MASA FL realizes you can't fly in a bunch of missionaries to tell about their mission field and engage the aviation public without feeding them.
If you have seen the inside of the planes these missionaries travel in, then you know they are not about to bunk in them. MASA FL organizes the housing for all of them.
Flying a plane locally to get some fast food or around town isn't really feasible or cost effective. We know because we tried it. MASA FL organizes vehicles to transport missionaries.
To engage the mission aviation public at Sun n Fun we have people speak about their experiences in the mission field and help tell the story about God's work.
The Great Commision gave us purpose under God's dominion. MASA FL believes that by supporting Mission Aviation efforts we are also supporting the mission of bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth.