With our purpose under God, it makes sense to commune with Him often, to seek His will and Pray, asking Him to Bless each opportunity and to guide efforts according to His will and plan. Prayer Warriors we need your prayers to ensure God leads our desires and so the world will know God.

How Prayer fits in
Prayer Develops Our Relationship with God. If we never speak to those we choose to have a relationship with or never listen to anything they might have to say to us, our relationships will quickly deteriorate. It is the same way with God. Prayer—communicating with God—helps us grow closer and more intimately connected with God.

Pray for Judy


Highland Park Big Gathering


Speaking Opportunities


Set Up and Tear Down Teams


Housing Needs


Shuttle Needs


Meals Slots Filled


Meal Coordinators


Entry Pass Needs Met


Missionaries Travel Safety


Lending A Vehicle


Car Pooling


Parking Passes