Coordinating a Ministry that supports other ministries in Mission Aviation requires many details to be communicated, handled and resolved, all culminating in one event that runs a week long and brings all participants together in one area of the world rather than dozens. This is the mission of MASA FL and takes place at Sun n Fun in Lakeland, FL each year.

Below is a detailed view of what we do to support these missionaries and how we make it happen.

Sun 'n Fun is a "Fly-in" and airshow held annually at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida, usually during late March or early April.

The event was founded in 1974 and was first organized by the local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, but is now an independent corporation and not affiliated with EAA. Sun 'n Fun is primarily a volunteer organization, with a small year-round staff.

Participants in the fly-in include owners who fly their aircraft to the event from all parts of the United States and Canada. Many pilots fly their own vintage, homebuilt aircraft or restored ex-military aircraft.
The Florida Air Museum at Sun 'n Fun, Florida's Official Aviation Museum and Education Center, is also located on the Sun 'n Fun campus at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport.

In April 2010 Sun 'n Fun received a US$7.5M grant from the Aviation Education Foundation for new the Central Florida Aerospace Academy building. The school is an existing aviation-oriented high school and career academy that is already located on the airport grounds. Completed in August 2011 it accommodates 500 high school students, increasing its current capacity of 175 students.

Food is important during this mission promotion event – three real meals for six days are provided in the dining tent. No quicky, drive-through, high-sodium bags of calories, but delicious meals prepared and served by people who love missions and missionaries. MASA FL needs your help in preparing meals for the entire MASA FL population of missionaries attending Sun n’ Fun, bring all meals to the Sun n’ Fun grounds and serve them to the missionaries at the MASA FL host tent.

We do not recommend any person or church preparing three consecutive meals. If you desire to prepare and serve two or more meals, it is recommended that you stagger your meal schedule. The Meals Coordinator is conscientiously aware of the personnel and their time schedules.

Breakfast is served 7:30 – 9:00 am
Lunch is served 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Dinner is served 5:30 – 7:00 pm

If anyone has a special food requirement, the Meals Coordinator is on site the entire week to provide for each missionary and worker.

Your MASA FL Coordinator is Yolanda Quinones

Vehicles are provided for the missionaries during the Sun n' Fun week – at no charge to the mission or missionary. Ideal for offsite meetings.

Sun n' Fun is located at Lakeland, Florida – about halfway between Tampa and Orlando. With personnel or workers arriving or leaving from one of the three airports, transportation is often needed. Once the missionaries start arriving at Sun n’ Fun they will use private vehicles to get back and forth from their host homes. Private vehicle are also used to get the missionary to any speaking event that has been arranged by MASA FL.

The use of these vehicles is coordinated by MASA FL with individuals and companies that may not need them and will allow the missionary to use them during this event. Private vehicle are also used to get the missionary to any speaking event that has been arranged by MASA FL.

Shuttle service is also provided for transportation to and from the two major international airports – Tampa and Orlando. (See Shuttle Service)

Your MASA FL Coordinator is Miriam Lizardi

All missionaries and mission workers participating in the Sun n’ Fun event may take advantage of nearby housing provided by Christian homeowners.

This arrangement deepens the connection of your ministry with mission-minded area residents.

The Housing Coordinator will probably be able to meet your needs, especially if you make your request early. MASA FL has reserved one park bench for those who wait until the last minute.

Your MASA FL Coordinator is Kathy Hoover

The purpose for the missionaries and Missionary Aviation Organization attending Sun n’ Fun is to be visible, build relationships with individuals and to connect with people, groups and churches. Quoting Mike Mower, a JAARS Pilot, “I love to fly, but it is not about flying, it is about doing God’s work”. It can’t be stated better. But in order to do this they need to be face to face with individuals – not just at the event but also in small groups and speaking in Sunday school classes.

The missionaries believe this is so important that they are willing to work all day during the event and then share themselves with you before, during and after each day.

Say, “ Yes. I want a missionary to visit my small groups, Sunday School Class or church on Sunday.”

Your MASA FL Coordinator is John Hoke

On Monday evening, before the opening of Sun n’ Fun, our Big Gathering is an engaging opportunity for local congregations to meet and eat with the visiting missionaries. This is always a kick-off highlight, with lots of home cooked food, visiting and renewing friendships. In addition, missionaries are encouraged to bring along a supply of newsletters, flyers, announcements and promos to spotlight their ministries. Music, videos and photos from previous events add their part in starting the week on a spiritual high.

This is a free event for all who want to attend, but you must let us know you are coming. Sometimes this is pot luck, and sometimes a church will host the event. This year the event is hosted by Highland Park Church of the Nazarene and will start at 6:00 pm.

Please join us for great food, fellowship, praise and worship.

Your MASA Coordinators are Bob Moore, Yolanda Quinones, Tracy Lafler.

Sun n’ Fun is located at Lakeland Linder Field in Lakeland, Florida. Missionaries will start arriving on Saturday before the event, and will leave on Monday after the event is over – and sporadically throughout the week. Some will arrive and depart from Tampa International and others at Orlando International. Shuttle service is provided for these missionaries to bring them to Sun n’ Fun and finally return them to their departure airport.

In addition to the airport shuttling, the missionaries are taken to the MASA FL host tent, a mile from the Missionaries “Feature” Tent. Often a missionary makes this one-mile trip 3 to 5 times each day for their meals and needs. Since this would make it very difficult for the missionaries, MASA FL rents 6-seat golf carts for shuttling missionaries to and from the MASA FL host tent.

Your MASA FL Coordinator is Sheldon Carsey.

Some of our missionaries drive to the event in their own vehicles, some fly in privately, and some fly into one of the two major airports where the MASA FL personnel will shuttle to and from the airport. Once they arrive all vehicles being used to shuttle the missionaries from their host home to the event site will need parking passes for the week.

MASA FL provides these parking passes.

Your MASA FL Coordinator is John Hoke.

Donations for Entry Passes for Sun n' Fun needed

Providing Weekly Entry Passes for Missionaries Pilots and Organizations - $110.00 for the week. These are the passes that allow entrance into Sun n' Fun and are good for the entrance for the entire week. Each Missionary or Missionary Pilot will require a pass to enter Sun n' Fun 2014 and have access to general exhibits as well as the MASA FL Camp and HQ.

Along with the need for the weekly passes comes the need for six (6) daily passes. The "Daily" pass is for special use and has specific purpose during the Sun n' Fun event. The cost of six “Daily” entry passes for special use is $110 each.

Your MASA FL Coordinator is John Hoke

Every year MASA FL sets up two tent sites, one for missionaries to display their organizations (Feature Site) and the other is the MASA FL “Host” Tent – where we eat, have our devotion each morning, and communicate with each other throughout the week. MASA FL volunteers construct the two sites on the Saturday before the event is opened to the public.

This is an all-day workday. It takes two crews, one for each site and each crew is made up of a total of 20 people. Food and water are provided by MASA FL. If you like to work with your hands, please come and join us. It is a fun day.

Your MASA FL Coordinator is Chris Day.

The Dining Tent is where all the missionaries eat and relax if they are not at the Feature tent. “Meal Providers” must bring their prepared food and serve meals to the missionaries at this location. The tent has tables, chairs, snacks, drinks and background music for the missionaries.

Occasionally a Sun n’ Fun attendee is also provided a place to rest and some refreshments. It is normally a relaxing area, but at least three times a day, it is abuzz with final food preparations, devotions, table talk and of course, laughter. Usually it is a quite place where a missionary can catch up on work or e-mails. But, however it is described, this tent is for the missionaries.

Your MASA FL Dining Coordinator is Tracy Lafler